Virtue in the Wasteland Podcast

The Winriches are former Jesus Freaks.  They are currently highly involved in youth work, music, and nonprofit organizations.  We talk about the good, the, bad, and the musical as it relates to working with adolescent religious education.

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What does the average person NEED to know about video games? Jeff's son joins the show to share the top five things folks need to know (especially parents) about the world of video games.  We find that it is a world that you are probably too worried about in some regards and not wary enough of in other regards.  

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Freak out.  Dr. Kristen Koenig joins us again, this time to discuss those who are outside the societal norm. I'm surprised we never got to mentioning Michel Foucault.  But we did deal with important issues related to what it means to be normal and how we should respond to the other.  We mix a little sociology with a bit of good old human decency.  And some awkwardness.

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When scandals strike, or big decisions need to be made, do we let the masses decide how to respond?  Clippers owners, media stars, and your neighbor all are involved in this one.  How helpful is the popular opinion?  Do we seek an honor culture or a virtue culture?

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