Virtue in the Wasteland Podcast

The corruption of power, why people want it, why we don't always realize that power is behind other "causes" and why people get aggressive when their power is questioned.

Jeff and Dan riff on a theme close to home for them, and for all of us these days.


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Listen to find out.

Also, the point: things have already changed and the results of those changes will affect institutions and ways we live in the future. No fear: everything is vanity, but all is enfolded into a larger, righteous cosmic story.

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Gustavo Arellano is one of the coolest journalists and authors in our neck of the woods. He’s the editor of the OC Weekly, where Dan and Jeff learned about bands to follow, local issues and stuff to see, when they were growing up. He is the author of the nationally syndicated column ¡Ask a Mexican! He is a best selling author with three great books to check out:

¡Ask a Mexican!,

Orange County: A Personal History, 

and Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America

We also discuss politics, syncretistic religion, and the Catholic church’s scandals here in Southern California. 


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How a lot has already changed in 2017... it may have changed a while back but we discuss three ways in which politics, religion, and entertainment have shifted significantly. What we find each of these changes have in common is a questioning of longstanding authorities.

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On today's show we discuss the idea of normal.  Having received so many emails from all around the world, we have a particularly American and west coast mentality.  We think some things are normal when in fact it might be shocking to others.  Is normal the same as good?  how do we judge what is "normal"?  Do we need to check what we believe is normal, or are they socially constructed and need not be judged as normal or abnormal?

From Aquinas to Warren Harding to Oingo Boingo.  Enjoy the show!

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