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On today's show we start by discussing a tent city for the homeless in Dan's hometown.  We move on to discuss the centrality of the poor throughout the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.  What are the "options" in how we might think about the poor and poverty?  What does the Reformation tradition show us? Listen up, we get deep and challenge ourselves on this episode.

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On today's show we examine the idea of a "narrative of decline" and how it might impact how we view the church.  This show is a thought experiment that began when Dan had an idea he wanted to work through.  This show is an exercise in thinking, looking at optimism and pessimism, and learning to understand how the gospel of hope fits in.

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On today's episode we play actual calls from actual listeners who bring up topics from gun control, the popularity of Jordan Peterson and our religious convictions.  Check it out, and call us at 844-393-0012 to leave your question as a message

On today's episode we dig into the national conversation on gun control after the recent tragedy in Parkland, FLA.  But don't expect the kind of conversation you might be used to.  The guys talk about the history and the constitution but then press on to a deeper answer (if it exists).

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Today's show is in two acts.  In act 1 the guys reflect on Cuba, talk about a few current events and talk about running to extreme positions in theology, politics and in general.  The second act is an interview with our friends Marcos and Mark a week after our trip to Cuba to reflect on what we learned there.

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