Virtue in the Wasteland Podcast (Bonus C-Side)

Breaking Bad gets broken down.  Dan shares the top television shows of all time, by category.  We talk television but especially we talk about the choices we make in this chaotic world.  Break virtuous, friends.

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Syria, Miley Cyrus, Club Music.  We share our takes on what's going on locally, in our own lives, and in the world.  This is a current events show [C-Side] that we record on the fly and post within 24 hours to provide commentary on what's going on in the news.  

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Current events, including Egypt, Wikileaks, journalism and the nature of the news itself. 

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Alex Rodriguez, the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post.  Before we get to those trending stories, we share a couple anecdotes each about our wild week.  Not that wild, but fun.  

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