Virtue in the Wasteland Podcast

Dr. Deen is a Faithful Masks Fellow, a 1517 Thinking Fellow, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University, Irvine, and a dude who specializes in the ethics of belief.  We think virtue is the way out of the intellectual wasteland, and we discuss ways to move forward with respect to perplexing issues like science and religion, and reproductive ethics.

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World War I, the Lost Generation, postmodernity, continental philosophy, and the US presidential contenders, like Trump, Clinton, Bush, and Sanders.  

We don't recount all the events, we just put them into context.

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Dr. Olson is chair of Exercise Sports Science at Concordia University, where he also serves as Assistant Dean.  He helps us sort out the confusion of the idea of getting healthy.  We learn that we don't know a lot.  Nor do many of the famous gurus.  We unlearn some things and learn other things.  And we have a bit of fun.

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After back tracking to discuss monasticism as an option for cultural (dis)engagement, we discuss the valuable contributions of the Enlightenment, ending with a warning that, despite its gifts, not all was well during the autumn of the progressive era.

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