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Fatherhood, the Prodigal Son, and grace in the home.  Scott Keith is an Associate Dean of Students and Adjunct Professor of Theology at Concordia University, Irvine.  He is also a Thinking Fellow of 1517 The Legacy Project.  Here, he discusses his new book On Being Dad, available at NRP Books and on Amazon.  

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Transhumanism, theology, cyborgs, and what to do about it all.  We discuss H+ as a movement, focussing on the ideas of super-longevity, super-intelligence, and super-wellbeing.  Ray Kurtzweil's dream of living forever on a digital platform may come true; if it does, Jeff requests his consciousness be kept on a Mac OS not a PC.


Dr. Oesch is Associate Professor of Theology and director of the MA in Theology at Concordia University, Irvine.  He is also the creator and essayist on  

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We look for the resources from sages past to see how they figured out how to live at peace and find virtue in our cultural wasteland.  A bit of ancient philosophy like Taoism and a discussion of Seneca, Sextus Empiricus, Luther, and Calvin.

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This one's a bit of a downer.  We explore some reasons why we are all, whatever we think about the grass on someone else's side, terribly stuck.  We are stuck in this penultimate world hoping for ultimate victory but sometimes unable to see it.  We still believe everything is going to be ok.  That doesn't mean every day between now and our deaths will be an easy road.  No sir.  No ma'am.  We begin a theme for fall: the Fall.  Why can't we expect political, ecclesiastical, and mental health utopias?  Cause it's all fallen.  But it's all redeemable.  Let's try and press on together, dear listener.  Moral courage and sincere humility are where we start.  Hope is our banner.  But we must first face the abyss.  Here's the show mainly about the abyss.  

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Jeff and Dan discuss the personal development that occurs through travel and by being open to new people and experiences even near home.  Jeff shares a series of insights he and his son Auggie drafted while watching the sun set over the Yulong river. 

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