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Happy New Year! On today’s show we talk about the biggest and best of 2018 and what we might look forward to in 2019.  It’s an episode with the two guys doing what they love most, chatting with each other about challenges in culture and the church.  We decided to look at the “biggest” and “best” stories of 2018, with Jeff taking the “biggest” stories and Dan covering a few of the “best”. 


Thanks for your support in 2018, in our 5th year we continue to grow in listenership and opportunities to expand.  Thank you also to those who have invited us out (together or individually) to give talks, spend time talking about important things, etc… check out the webpage, or the webpages of each of the guys (their names and a .com) to have them come out to you!


Here’s just a few things we discuss on today’s show:



The Monks of New Skete

Kanye West

Bad priests

Bad elected officials

The ozone Layer

Net Neutrality

Why we can’t seem to get along and argue so much

Prohibition and Cannabis

“Making a Murderer” and “The Innocent Man”

Molech, and more….

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