Virtue in the Wasteland Podcast

Time to clear out the old phone machine and respond to some of the more common, or curious questions we received.  

The first half hour of the show has us talking about 2019, Dan's favorite movies of the year, and reading a very revealing and honest email.

the next hour is all your calls- a few notes:

Dan says "American" when talking about a piece of music.... he misspoke, please replace that in your brain with "New World"

Jeff would like you to see this video

Dan says, "Look at THIS"

As always, this is a conversation that might resemble a late night conversation you had in college or might have with friends in a safe and welcoming environment.  Everything is penultimate, God's not angry, and everything is going to be ok.

Thank you for calling, or emailing, if we haven't responded to you, it is all Dan's fault.  Some calls we edited for sound quality, or we combined two or three similar calls with one answer.

We do not talk about the following, in any meaningful way:

California Renaissance


A young man saying no thanks to a certain label

The weird book of the Acts of the Apostles

But we promise to, soon.

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