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Micah took a short break from his heavy spoken word poetry touring to share about his new blues album No Ugly Babies, which will be released Sept. 27, 2016.

We discuss the power of love and grace, the perplexities related to race and violence in America, symbolic patriotism, the real Martin Luther King, Jr., and forms of protest in the NFL. There are some songs shared, and Micah recites a poem that hits the spot.


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Lest you think venturing out on entrepreneurial projects is all fun and games, Dan and Jeff discuss the anxiety of freedom in life, and the necessity of remembering our histories, tracing our steps, and staying centered. They discuss their tattoos too, and how they tell stories about their lives.

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Frolic with us through our conversation about doing what you love. Anne tells about leaving a decent job to take a risk and become a food photographer. Her bold move paid off in terms of acclaim and personal fulfillment. Her many awards include 2016 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year and Errazuirz Wine Photographer of the Year. OC WEEKLY called her OC's most beloved food photographer and a "badass photo ninja." She provided the photography for a book with her husband: There & Back Again to See How Far it Is: Cultural Observations of an Englishman Aboard a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Across Small-Town America (2011).


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The killer robots are still worth worrying about. But how is the digital and cybernetic world threatening human embodied sexuality. Joel is on the theology faculty at Concordia University, where he overseas the MA Program, and heads up the Crosswise Institute, which will this year host an event for high school students on the topic of transhumanism and theology. He runs a blog called Fishing for Leviathan which talks about embodiment and spirituality in our technological age.

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We've talked about leaving your job to follow your vocation before. This time, one of the guys actually put the theory of resigning into practice. One of the guys shares some ideas related to the nature of quitting the traditional concept of a 40 hour a week job and taking on multiple revenue sources in our changing economy.

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Capitalism, the love of money, virtue, economics, Marx, and love of neighbor.

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How the two party system got started, and why it might be a major problem.

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How our Janus faces of secularism and Christianity have helped create the complex situation we find ourselves in, at least in America.

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The four basic types of foreign engagement doctrine in US history, and what that means for today.

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This is the first in a series of shorter chats, trying to make sense of the reasons why things have become so perplexing in our culture.

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