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Renaissance wizards, strange stuff in general, and the closest thing the hosts have to direct ghost experiences.  

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The history, cultural significance, and overall value of the movies.  We are joined by Micah Luce, who earned his MAR in Theology and Cinema from Yale Divinity School.  We also have with us Eleanor Pettus, Assistant Professor of History at Concordia University and Faculty in Residence for the CUI Bono Living-Learning Community, and Joel Oesch, former guest, and director of Christ College's MA program.  Several of us share our most memorable moviegoing moments.    Micah shares a recipe for geekdom movie marathons.  We ask whether moviegoing creates authentic community.  

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Zombies in history and popular culture, the Walking Dead season premiere, and philosophical thoughts related to our time of technology and fragmentation.  Dr. C.J. Armstrong joins in this episode.

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How culture faces death, with clacissist Dr. C. J. Armstrong.  A quiz game on world funeral traditions.  The history of funerals from the ancient word to today.  

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What do you fear?  What do Dan and Jeff fear?  How do we face our fears?  We address this in this podcast that kicks off our October theme of things that scare us.  

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Spoken word and hip hop artist Micah Bournes chats with us about life in Long Beach, faith and art, and contemporary hip hop culture.  We discuss ways in which people of faith can enter into their cultural conversation with good art, rather than with religious parodies of popular culture. Micah shares what he's listening to lately, a couple poems (one previously unheard). 

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Former UFC fighter describes his work with the Mbuti Pygmies.  He tells heartbreaking stories but also uplifting developments in his work to fight for the freedom of these slaves, their reestablishment in hunter-gatherer land, and his future work to bring culturally-appropriate housing technology.  There was audio interference in almost every room and with every piece of equipment, but we pieced together the best parts from the day, especially Justin's presentation to students about Fight for the Forgotten.

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Ethical dilemmas in our alleged wasteland.  Dan poses tough questions to college students and tells them "the right answer".  Syria, homeschooling, government internet snooping.  

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Dan shares his top ten rules to follow before getting a tattoo.  Jeff's pop comes and explains why tattoos are a horrible idea.  Dr. Jack Schultz, an anthropology professor, discusses tattoos in traditional cultures.

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The top 10 songs that talk about Jesus but aren't from explicitly religious artists.  We discuss the role of Jesus in Western culture, artist Mark Wallinger, the nature of blasphemy, and some interesting artists you might not have heard before.

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